Sunday, 31 May 2020

Services recommence at Trinity-at-Waiake on 7 June 2020 - 10am (please read the safety guidelines)

Guidelines for Sunday Worship:

Upon entering the building, please adhere to the following instructions:

        Stewards for 7 June: Graeme  & Margaret 

        Use the bottom entrance to access the building

        Bring your own pen, paper, drink bottles. Bring your personal disinfectant wipes if possible.

        Do not touch anything before sanitising your hands. At best, do not touch anything you do not need to.

        Arrival at church:  Please always use distancing requirements. Margaret will greet attendees at the main door to the church and record their names and ask them to enter the vestibule.

        Vestibule: on entering sanitize your hand. No name tags to avoid unnecessary contact.

        Foyer:  Doors into foyer will be open and left open during the service. Pick up newsletter off table in foyer if needed.

        Enter Church:  Collection basket will be on the pedestal on your left, you may drop your envelope or money in the basket if you are not an on-line contributor. There will not be any collection taken during the service.

        Be seated: Families who arrive together can be seated together. The same applies to anyone else who has travelled to church together. All other people need to ensure there is two seats between you and the next person.

        Rows of seats: Every second row of seats to be left vacant to ensure distancing requirements are applied.

        Sliding door: This will remain open during the service.

        Bathroom Facilities: I f you need to use the bathroom facilities, clean the seat. There will be products for you to use. If you cannot do this, please ask someone to help you

        Use of heat pumps: Only Dave will operate the heat pumps if required.

        After service: Please observe distancing requirements on leaving Church. Please note that requirements for church services include no handshakes, hugs or kisses.

        Leaving the building: On leaving the church, Margaret will sign you out.  Please sanitise your hands.

After each Sunday service the Church will be commercially cleaned.