Saturday, 22 February 2020

Thought of the week – Rev Abhishek Solomon - 23Feb2020

In the last week before the Lenten journey starts, we move to the mountain-top to revisit the Transfiguration. This is another one of those stories which we know so well. We of course face the challenge of holding in tension both the nearness and the otherness of God:
in the Transfiguration, we experience Jesus as human, climbing up that mountain with his friends, but we also experience the transcendence, the divinity, if you will, of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh.
Perhaps this episode reminds us that Each time we turn from those moments of brilliance, we turn back to the work, the ministry, that awaits us. Jesus, who often touches people in need, reaches down and touches the disciples, raising them up to return down the mountain, and set out to serve and heal. Lent approaches, and we too are invited to join them on the way.
I wonder what it would be like if we could see past outer appearances and witness the bright inner beauty of each person?
What would happen if we saw, in everyone, including those “despised and rejected by the world,” a divine light shining on the inside? What effect would that have on the world?