Saturday, 17 August 2019

Stroll for your Soul

Join us in September for our 21 day Stroll for Your Soul. We were delighted when Janice from The Prayer Bench invited Caroline to co-write this year's Spring Stroll. The Stroll has already taken place during Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and we're repeating it from 7 - 27 September for those who are about to head into Spring in the Southern Hemisphere (or for those Northern Hemisphere friends who missed out in May).

The Stroll offers daily inspirational emails delivered to your inbox early each morning New Zealand Time. Stroll on your own, join up with a friend or a group, it's entirely your call how you'd like to use the resource. You can Stroll in your garden, around neighbourhood streets, along a beach, around your own home... wherever works for you to allow yourself the time and space to contemplate as you walk.  You can read more about Stroll for Your Soul on our website.