Saturday, 10 August 2019

Public Issues for Parish Bulletins August 2019

Hope, Harm and Alternatives to Uplift.
Recently Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft spoke of the new Oranga Tamariki legislation as a second opportunity for a revolution for children taken into the state care. The first was in 1989 after Puao te Atatu. The hope lies in the obligations to place Maori children with whanau, hapu, Iwi – to keep kinship ties.

A woman who is now a professional social worker spoke at the same event, but with much more skepticism. Paora was taken into state care as a young girl, along with her brother and sister. The trauma of abuse and fear has left a legacy of life-long harm.

Healing from such harm requires deep and sustained care. Moira Lawler, Chief Executive of Lifewise spoke their Mana Whanau programme where a carer may virtually live in with a family to enable them to meet whatever challenges are on top for them. The emphasis is on community networks and support.