Friday, 3 November 2017

Happiness and Confidence in Faith

kiwiconnexion practical theology

Would you like to be able speak more confidently about your Christian faith?
It's natural to want to share what matters to you.
But it can be very hard to do because of the communication choices we have to make.
Sometimes an image can get the idea across, especially when words fail.
Sometimes music goes straight to the heart.
And sometimes only words can tell the whole story.
All of these are ways of communicating your faith as if walking in the daylight.
Just as important,
you can also use your experiences of walking
through the dark of the night of the soul.
These are the times when God isn't so obvious.
Neither here nor there.
Absent without leave.
Silent when words mattered.
As if the music died, and there is only the timbre of the silences.
The Bible tells this story of our humanity.
In it the day and the night together are the key to finding faith
and communicating it.
More than any, the great Christian poet and activist Toyohiko Kagawa
lived the horror of the slums
in early 20th century Japan.
And he found there, the need to sing his songs of faith.
He wrote from prison,
The whole universe is mine. God threw it in when he gave me Christ.
That's how you can share your faith effectively, with confidence.
It's the story of you in the whole universe and whole universe in Christ.