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The genius of Judaism, in the age of the Old Testament, prophets was this. They believed Israel was expressly created to demonstrate in word and deed the universal justice of God.
They delighted to walk in the laws of God. Yet, such a conclusion could only come out of a particular context.
There was Moses to whom the Jewish Law was given, the drama of Mt Sinai. But already the ancient ancestors, Adam and Eve, had glimpsed patterns of law, justice and grace.
It was as if they danced with God in creation, at Eden. But they hadn't been able to keep in step with the dance.
So. the wider story goes that thousands of years on, the genius of Christianity recalls that prophetic insistence on justice, and the archetypal characters of Eden. St. Paul’s insight is that the risen Christ is the second Adam.
The first expressions of the universal are gathered up. The creation myths and the overarching figure of Moses: they are caught in a net to become a larger universality. This means that law can only be fulfilled in grace, while sin – a problematic word, means the out of step dancers, estranged from God – sin can only be transformed by redemptive love.
So, from the cradle of civilisations to the scientific insight on evolution today, this story of origins has endured. The story of Creation and the new Adam is a surge toward humanity discovering, and hallowing, God. As J J Lewis put it,
“The biblical record stands at the very heart of human experience and is subject to all the scrutiny that can be brought to it. Truth is not destroyed by sound criticism or assessment, but rather set free and confirmed.”
He went on to note that with the bible eventually, “we cease to do the examining and become the examined. It becomes our own story.”
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