Thursday, 18 February 2016

From Gravity Waves to the Book of Genesis

AIM ECB returns

with and updated Adam and Eve and Evolution: a guide for the perplexed, 
via the Trinity@Waiake eLearning Centre

Science and Genesis, Wednesdays@20:00 a new video series for

Starting this week, I'm doing weekly series for a revised, expanded and updated version of Adam and Eve and Evolution, a beginner's guide for the perplexed!

Originally written as a guide for young people making the transition from high school to tertiary studies, it went into a second edition and attracted favourable comment in various church contexts.

The splendid illustrations by Melissa Martyn will also form part of our way of focusing on essential issues.

It will be available as a micro-mooc in There will also be a series of Hangouts on air (HOA) with guest presenters to supplement the overall resource. We call them Live-on-air events.

Thanks also to Ronnie Bincer for a great tutorial series to get beginners like me up and running with HOA.