Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Sharing Faith

Once upon a time Trinity@Waiake had this as its faith statement. Is it worth sharing again?

Sharing the good news of the church community with friends, relatives, neighbours—that’s integral to belonging here: being proud of the church community.

Learning and Teaching
We encourage you to become involved in learning about the Bible and theology. We do this week by week in Sunday worship. There are also weekly Bible studies and other discussion groups in each church. It can be astonishing what a difference it makes to people to commit to be regularly at worship.

Transforming People
We believe that people are empowered in our church—they hear the Bible truths in a new way, and it turns their lives around. Our churches are community meeting grounds, people from all walks of life. There’s no place like church for meeting new people: “God gives us companions not necessarily of our own choosing.” And, yet, we find ourselves unexpectedly enriched through these new companions. Be open to being changed.

Our pastoral care is the responsibility of everyone: we encourage everyone to be active in helping, caring, sharing. We want to ensure that you know you have a place where you belong, a church family, a community of interested people and interesting people.

Treasuring Creation, Changing Society
We treasure the goodness and integrity of creation. Our planet is being destroyed through greed and misuse. The Bible calls us to be stewards of God’s mission to all creation, so we really encourage awareness of ecology and scientific thought. We also aim to have a positive effect on our society. This happens through our network of social services with the wider Methodist Church and other denominations. You are invited to hear the issues.

Beyond the Church: Emerging Spirituality
We belong to a world-wide tradition with a deep desire for authentic spirituality for each age and context. We are to be a voice for the poor and the dispossessed, a community for healing of body, mind and spirit. Belonging involves an edge of prophetic witness that looks to forging international perspectives. Hear the issues, and formulate your response according to Jesus’ two great commands. We can only develop as we hear how others are developing.