Monday, 16 November 2015

IS terror attacks in Paris directed at less than high profile targets sent a deadly message.

The fact that IS did the same in a number of other cities in recent months meant it ought not have come as a surprise.

The likelihood that one of the suicide terrorists passed through as a refugee is similarly no surprise.

The horror wreaked on ordinary people by terrorist attacks is the same whether in the brutal civil wars in the Middle East or Europe.

Learn more about the background to the War on Terrorism – recent history etc with Jim Pearson, Stuart Manins and David Bell.

In this hoa (Hangouts On Air) we seek to understand what is happening in the war on terror and why. Our panelists don’t have definitive answers but we do have questions.

The agenda is:
1. Jim to tell us briefly about himself.
2. IS and the lone wolf concept
3. What was the Patriot Act and now the Freedom Act?
4. What is some of the history to the war on terror?
5. How does the rest of Islam view IS?

Detailed notes of the presentation can be be found at in the Night School programme. And learn more at these useful links. Look at Stuart Manins and David Bell review of Kenan Malik's The Quest for a Moral Compass: a history of global ethics