Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Effective church leaders discuss faith

Rev John Sylvester was aMethodist minister and teacher. He wrote from a different perspective with this Appeal in the 1990s.

An Appeal to the Methodist Church to be True to its Catholic Tradition

  1. The starting point for Christian thought today must be an awareness that we live in a post-Christian age. 
  2. Radical theology is not a real answer because of its persistent scepticism. 
  3. Apologetics are a necessary and viable first step towards positive belief. 
  4. A vital theology must be grounded in revelation. 
  5. A vital theology must be Christocentric. 
  6. A vital theology must be catholic. 
  7. Such theology is dependent upon scripture. 
  8. An understanding of the Bible requires a critique of both liberalism and fundamentalism. 
  9. Scripture records and interprets the initiatives and furtherance of God's creative and redeeming purpose. 
  10. In this sense the acts of God are charismatic. 
  11. The Evangel tells of God's charismatic acts of salvation and calls upon men and women to respond. 
  12. The Protestant Reformation rediscovered the charismatic nature of the Evangel and the priority of the Gospel over the Law. 
  13. Methodist Evangelical Doctrines coincide with the Protestant Reformation, but go a step further, emphasising growth in grace and loving service as a natural result. 
  14. There is a Christian activism engendered by Christian faith. It must relate to the secular order and at the same time be a manifestation of the Kingdom of God.
  15. The Christian perspective sees this finite world as one with God’s cosmic purpose. Because of its faith in God through Christ it anticipates with confidence the consummation of God’s kingdom.