Friday, 2 October 2015

Tiny Mahara site goes global with micro-MOOC

The Methodist Church of New Zealand has been promoting a social learning site called which is powered by Mahara. We are a very small church and attempt to put lay leaders and clergy in contact as a community of best practice.
Recently, we have explored the concept of what we call micro-MOOCs (micro-Massive Open Online Course). Our aim is to get anywhere between 5 and 50 people participating in free professional development.
Schedule Google Hangouts-on-air form the core video conferencing and a range of short videos feed the forum interaction. The micro-MOOC can be completed within a day, although it is open for 6 weeks. An award in the form of a badge issued through the (wonderful!) Open Badge Factory rounds off the experience.
You can view our first micro-MOOC and follow our newsletter, another really useful concept from the Mahara toolkit.