Saturday, 6 April 2019

Touchstone - April 2019 edition

Touchstone - April 2019 edition 

Given our publication is dedicated to 'Exploring Faith Issues for Today', this issue reflects and reports on the mosque shootings of 15 March. The horrendous incidents of that afternoon must surely rate as the greatest faith issue this country has ever witnessed and experienced. As we collectively grieve for the 50 lives lost - and the countless lives impacted by this act of hate - we look for ways to heal the rifts and misunderstandings that contribute to the racism, bigotry and prejudice that fuels the hate.

On a lighter note, we share news from around the country of many positive partnerships and projects that bring communities together, along with book, film and life-in-general reviews.

I wish you a safe and happy Easter and as always, welcome your feedback.

Warm regards, Ady Shannon, Editor Touchstone 

The paper copies of Touchstone are still to arrive.