Saturday, 2 March 2019

Touchstone - March 2019 edition

Welcome to the March issue of Touchstone click HERE
This month we celebrate 40 years of ministry for the General Secretary, David Bush. In an era of constant change and the reinvention of people, positions and roles, it is quite an achievement to notch up four decades plus as 'a first career' minister. As we reflect on David's successes, the Board of Administration is looking ahead for his replacement in 2021. The position is advertised this month. 
We bring news of firsts - MCNZ is currently leading the challenge for Aotearoa Bike Challenge 2019 - and lasts. Vahefonua stubbed out smoking on all church property last year. Rev Don Pilgrim responds to Rev Dale Peach's call for rest home chaplaincy to be compensated and Peter Lane shares tips on how to use a microphone effectively. Along with film and book reviews, there is news from around the Connexion and our regular columnists share their wisdom and opinions.
You will notice a new masthead in this edition as we bring Touchstone more in line with the look and style of MCNZ.