Saturday, 9 June 2018

Partnership with Sasamuqa – Solomon Islands

For the last three years the Parish has been supporting the cost of Lucy Jaja to obtain a Diploma in Nursing from the Helena Goldie College of Nursing.  Lucy will graduate from the programme this month and will be working in the hospital at Sasamuqa from July this year.  Lucy has been one of the two students sponsored by the Methodist Mission and Ecumenical Committee.  The other is Clizzer Benni from Helena Goldie Hospital in Munda who will return to this hospital in July.

The Parish is now invited to support the next step in up skilling medical staff by providing funds for a nurse who has the prior learning qualification to begin a degree programme at the National University of the Solomon Islands in Honiara. This nurse is Elisha.  Our July second giving will be made available for this purpose.

President Prince also advises the recent decision to contribute SI$60,517 [NZ$15,500] to the construction of a community-based Rehabilitation Unit for stroke patients at Sasamuqa.  Funds to meet this cost are available in the Sasamuqa account held by the Methodist Mission and Ecumenical Committee.

Rev Ian Faulkner