Saturday, 9 June 2018

Mental Health Changes for Mental Wellbeing

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Mental Health Changes for Mental Wellbeing
The mental health and addiction inquiry is a most welcome and timely initiative by the government. Community consultations are still under way in June.
New Zealand led the way in closing psychiatric institutions in the 1990’s.
This inquiry is on deinstitutionalizing mental health treatment and how to make services accessible and joined up, with less focus on medical treatment. When mental health is treated as a matter of wellbeing we see that income security, housing and social connectedness are as important as medical support. There’s a link between employment and mental health - 80% of people receiving mental health services do not have jobs. Inclusive church communities contribute to mental wellbeing.
A Wellbeing Manifesto shows what mental health wellbeing looks like
The ‘New oCreation’ guidelines and Backgrounder are 
Betsan  Martin –Public Issues