Saturday, 9 June 2018

60th Anniversary of Trinity at Waiake 23+24th June 2018

There as been a fantastic response to the dinner and bookings are now closed.  We will always welcome any new or old faces to the service on Sunday 24th at 10 am.  Please remember to bring a small plate of finger food to share after the Service. 

Paul Nel has been working hard on the restoration of the video of Nehemiah which we produced as a congregation in 1988 and we hope to run it during the dinner evening and at the morning tea after the Sunday service.

Diane Dempster

Fellowship over the 60 years.

David   Bell sent out an email and requested your help to get some social history written down for the day.  If inspiration strikes, please email David with a few sentences or paragraphs of your thoughts about our fellowship in Christian service down the decades. It doesn't matter if you are the newest member or the oldest - everyone counts at this party. We will print these out for the mix and mingle. There is also the opportunity to add these & view others comments on which will auto-generate any daily updates as folk write in their comments