Saturday, 26 May 2018

Methodist and Presbyterian Women Special Project 2017/18

Methodist and Presbyterian Women Special
Project  2017/18

Every year a special mission project is the principal emphasis of money-raising within Presbyterian Women and the Methodist Women's Fellowship. The money raised is allocated to selected needs, overseas and in New Zealand

Children are our Hope and our Future
For HIV and AIDS orphans in Uganda
Methodist and Presbyterian Women’s Special Project 2017/18
with the Centre for Community Solidarity and Christian World Service

In a Nutshell:  The Centre for Community Solidarity assists 25 local associations of caregivers to HIV and AIDS orphans to improve their lives and livelihoods. With a staff of two, a board and a team of 12 volunteers skilled in aspects of development, CCS
 · Supports the associations to make their own action plans for shared benefits
 · Trains local members and organises the building of rainwater tanks
 · Educates about HIV/AIDS prevention, and encourages testing and treatment
 · Runs hygiene, sanitation, agricultural and financial training for the associations
· Supports the running of local credit schemes and setting up of small businesses, including mentoring young people into work
 · Distributes affordable water filters, plants and livestock

Pillars exists to create positive futures for the children of prisoners in Aotearoa, supporting them to cope with parental imprisonment, therefore breaking the cycle of inter-generational offending.
·        There are about 23,000 kiwi kids with a parent in prison in New Zealand.
·        Children of prisoners are around ten times more likely to go to prison than other kiwi kids.
·        Pillar’s mentors provide children of prisoners with a trusted friend and stable, positive role models.

It costs $3,000 to provide the mentoring programmes. This does not include operating costs such as rent and power. 70% of their fund is fundraised, as it is one of the Charitable Trust in Aotearoa.