Monday, 5 December 2016

CSW - 2016 Christmas Appeal

Trinity-at-Waiake support the CWS Christmas Appeal

The 2016 Christian World Service Christmas Appeal focuses on many places where hope is desperately needed.  The United Nations reports 34,000 people are displaced by conflict or persecution every day.  Too many people cannot afford enough food to feed their families or the medicines they need. Young people cannot find work and other people are locked in violent situations or face discrimination on a daily basis. Growing numbers of people are risking their lives as migrants to seek their fortune in another country because there is no hope at home.
For 71 years CWS has worked through a strong network of local partner groups who have the contacts and experience to make change happen.  Their decades’ of experience mean they know how to help families support each other whatever happens.  By training small farmers in new farming techniques they are better prepared for drought.  Syrian refugees learn how to protect their health and get free medical care.  Children can attend their local school and learn how to protect their environment. 
Your gift at Christmas will give hope to people in need of food, water, support and medicine.   Together we can make a world we all can live in. You can find out more about the partner groups and the work they do in the envelope available as you come into the church/ enclosed or at Donations can be placed in the envelope in the church offering, by internet banking or on line.  Please give generously to the 2016 Christmas Appeal.