Saturday, 9 July 2016

Sasamuqa Hospital - update

Sasamuqa Hospital - update

Excerpt from the Methodist Mission & Ecumenical Newsletter June 2016 regarding the director’s visit to Solomon Islands at the beginning of May 2016.

Sasamuqa Hospital
During my last visit the walls of the wards and the toilets and showers were in a dilapidated state. Assistance from the Solomon Island government enabled the wards and the facilities to be refurbished.

Mission and Ecumenical Annual Appeal 2013 was towards a solar power unit for Sasamuqa Hospital. This is an added blessing to the people of Sasamuqa. The solar power is now providing 24 hours a day uninterrupted power. The wards are bright with energy saver lights and ceiling fans running around the clock. Further, the hospital now got hot water in taps with the help of solar power. People in the community gathering and the hospital staff thanked the people of the Methodist Church of New Zealand numerous times for the generous donations.

June 2016 12 e-messenger The old generator that provided power to the wards is now being used at the x-ray unit for radiography purposes only. The generator is started as and when required. This helps the hospital to save money with the purchase of petrol. People in other regions come to Sasamuqa hospital for x-ray and scan facilities.

Sea Ambulance for Sasamuqa Hospital
The hospital secretary appealed to Mission and Ecumenical for assistance to buy a new boat and a motor for Sasamuqa Hospital due to the one they had nearing its end of use. Mission and Ecumenical was able to assist with the donations received from East Coast Bays Parish. Hospital staff are very happy with the 60 HP motor with the new boat. This has reduced the travel time between Sasamuqa and Ghizo by 2 hours. The photo below is the new boat and the motor at Sasamuqa Hospital.