Saturday, 16 April 2016

Notes from Ministry Support Team Meeting on 5 April

Notes from Ministry Support Team Meeting on 5 April - Ian Magee
- Easter week events were generally regarded as being successful which included the parish Tenebrae   Service on Maundy Thursday and then on Good Friday breakfast at our church followed by the Community Service in Browns Bay.
- CWS participation in a worship service has now been postponed until the 29th of May.
- On the previous Sunday (22 May) we will be promoting the Young New Zealanders Foundation, as this is the local mission objective this year for Women’s Fellowship.
- Pastoral Team has met and is considering some new initiatives.
- Under Caring for our Children, discussions are continuing with Glamorgan School as to how we can    best provide further assistance.
-                - Christian Education survey to establish local needs has been prepared and is ready to put to our congregation.
- An up-to-date leaflet is being prepared for new-comers to our church fellowship.