Friday, 29 April 2016

Methodist and Presbyterian Women’s Special Project 2015-2016

Methodist and Presbyterian Women’s Special Project 2015-2016
Young New Zealanders Foundation
Our Programmes

Under the umbrella of the Valuing Life vision, the Young New Zealanders Foundation has a range of resources and strategies for enhancing individual resilience in young people. Some of the questions central to our thinking are: What contributes to a healthy, successful life in contemporary society?
  • How can we build resiliency in young people?
  • What protective features make it less likely a young person will stray off the path, self-harm, or commit suicide?
  • How can we foster a sense of purpose, direction, and vision?
  • What “developmental assets” or “building blocks of healthy development” can incorporated into our resources?
Gemstones is a resource for schools, aimed at young people from ages 11 to 14 years old. Gemstones offers students the opportunity to explore and reflect on family relationships, choices, self-management, bullying, resisting drugs and alcohol, and appreciating and valuing life. It gives students the opportunity to set personal goals and change their attitudes to life.