Friday, 21 September 2018

Thought for the week - Rev Ian

After reading Mark 9: 35-37 …

But what would ordinary Galilean peasants have thought about children? Would "like a child" have immediately meant being humble, being innocent, being new, being credulous? To be a child was to be a nobody, with the possibility of becoming a somebody absolutely dependent on parental discretion and parental standing in the community. A kingdom of the humble, of the celibate, or of the baptized comes later. This comes first: a kingdom of children is a kingdom of nobodies.                                                         Crossan, J. D., The Historical Jesus

Girls Brigade - Final night.

The Girls Brigade have their last session at Trinity on Monday evening.  A letter has been sent to them from the Parish Council giving congratulations and appreciation to the Leader & helps for their work with the Girls’ Brigade. 

Letter of Thanks-Methodist Mission and Ecumenical Board

We have received a letter of thanks from  the Methodist Mission and Ecumenical Board for the $5000 donation we made recently as a result of our second giving. The gift will be applied to providing a scholarship to enable a nurse to undertake tertiary education. This will allow her to contribute more effectively to the health system in the Solomon Islands.