Saturday, 16 February 2019

Public Issues for Parish Bulletins February 2019 -

 A Water Theme for Summer and February

Getting to Know and Improve Water in our homes and churches

There is a link between water and carbon emissions. It is easy to overlook the energy used in treating and delivering water to our taps and fir heating water.

Energy is used to treat water and pipe it to our homes and churches. Energy is used to treat waste water and sewage. Saving water is better for our footprint on earth.


Inside:   Fix leaks. Boil only as much water as you need (I used to fill the kettle!)

Toilets:   Put a bottle in the cistern to reduce the amount of flush water

Outside:  Collect rainwater for garden and church flowers - in a bucket – when raining, or install collection tanks.

Enjoy and give thanks for our water!

World Day of Prayer - 1 March 2019

Thank you! World Day of Prayer 1st March.
Come – Everything is Ready  Luke 14:15-24

You are invited to join in worship and fellowship at the World Day of Prayer service on Friday 1 March 2019 at 10 am at the St John Anglican Church 327 Beach Road Campbells Bay and/or 7.30 pm at the Mairangi Bay Presbyterian Church Penzance Road, Mairangi Bay. This year's service was prepared by the World Day of Prayer Committee Slovenia.

The worship resources have been written by women in Slovenia, one of the smallest countries in Europe. At the core of the service is an invitation to join in community, “Come –Everything is Ready”. The focal point is a table set with food to share. Readers will tell stories from women on the edge of Slovenian society: refugees, migrant workers, mothers, and Roma.

Thought for the week

Encouragement for the Journey Rev Alf Taylor
Greetings fellow traveller,
A few years ago, I had a weekend in Taupo, while on my early morning walk around the Lake I came across a beautiful green manicured lawn. Compared to the lawns on either side which were patchy and burnt this one was truly  magnificent. The reason was obvious; the owner had installed a sprinkler system, which ensured the lawn was watered in the most arid of conditions.

Water is a beautiful metaphor of Spirit presence in a person’s life. Jesus himself describes this, as rivers of living water flowing from within us humans. The water of the Spirit may be understood in many different ways.

Imagine, on our journey of life and faith, we need rest and refreshment and we find a welcoming Hotel, its food, and comfortable surroundings are just what we needed. The very thought of more travel fades from our awareness we become comfortable and become permanent residents at Hotel Comfort. 

Then one day two travellers arrive, they enjoy a night’s rest and over breakfast they invite you to travel with them. One of the travellers reminds you that the way ahead is often along unmapped roads without a GPS (Global Positioning System), through dark valleys and across mountain passes always with the danger of getting lost. You recall your early passion for the journey and now you gaze at the leather armchairs in the lounge and you waver, uncertain what to do.

The other traveller reminds you, what you have always known, that along the road less travelled, we leave the security and comfort of the familiar and travel the unfamiliar way into an ever unfolding future. Always, with Spirit, whose comforting presence is present in the encouragement, comfort and strength we receive from our fellow travellers and also deep within our own being. You are not convinced.

You stand on the Hotel steps, watching the two travellers leave. You notice they seem energised having an inner aliveness. You shrug off the thought and return to the lounge, dropping into one of the comfortable leather chairs you look around, most of the guests are half asleep, there is no conversation only snoring.  A few of the guests have their door notice on their laps, “Don’t Disturb.’
Out of the window, you see the two travellers winding their way along the road leading from the Hotel. You wonder if it is not too late to join them.  Somewhere, from deep in your memory, you remember the words from the philosopher Horace Kallen: which he wrote on his 73rd birthday:

‘There are persons, who shape their lives by the fear of death,
and persons who shape their lives by the joy and satisfaction of life.
The former live dying: the latter die living.
I know not what tomorrow may bring, but death is an irrelevant contingency Whenever it comes I intend to die living.’

You go to your room, re - pack your backpack and return to the journey. Once more you feel the aliveness of Spirit presence.

Meanwhile Peace and encouragement on your journey.
-         Rev Alf Taylor