Saturday, 10 November 2018

Thought for the week - 11 Nov 2018 | Rev Ian Faulkner

Thought for the week | Rev Ian Faulkner

As we consider the Lectionary readings from Ruth set for last week and today: Ruth has been described as ‘the resident alien with a face’. Our easy assumptions and stereotypes about immigrants today are challenged, especially when we put to it two simple questions:  “What challenges does Ruth face as she accompanies her mother-in-law Naomi to Judah?” and “How does God help her meet these challenges?”

Acknowledgment:  The Centre for Christian Ethics © 2008

Public Issues for Parish Newsletters & Bulletins Nov 2018

Public Issues for Parish Newsletters & Bulletins Nov 2018

Church and Climate Justice  

We had great workshop discussions on Climate Justice at Conference this year. We agreed to invite all parishes and church bodies to choose an aspect of climate justice that suits your context or community, and share your achievements or challenges – as you go and at Conference 2020

Climate Justice: 

' Our church's faith based values are unique. Our approach to climate justice then comes from love as well as just moral obligation

Climate justice ensures that those with fewer resources are not further disadvantaged by changes in living costs, energy costs and jobs, and able to participate in and benefit from changes to a zero carbon economy.'

Thought for the week - 4 November | Rev Ian Faulkner

Thought for the week | Rev Ian Faulkner

Loving the neighbour and Jesus as the resurrection and the life are synonymous claims. Resurrection here and now, what Jesus promises to Martha, means that life, and life abundantly for all, is what is at stake. It is so very easy to postpone abundant life to life after death. But a close reading of our Gospel texts this week reveals how misguided this belief is. The life of the saints is now. The life of saints is that which we witness. Lives lived as saints is what we are called to do and to be.

Acknowledgement: Professor Karoline Lewis, Luther Seminary, St Paul, MN, USA.